Artist: Daniel Jamroz
Title: Exuberance, 2015, sandblasted glass, 3/4”x7”x 17”

My greatest moment of clarity for “Exuberance” was the eccentric route I chose to develop the glass book. Alvin Conyers, a Newark pastor for several decades, expressed nothing but love and admiration for the city. As I began my book, piles of colored glass shards surrounded me, forming the vision I aspired to. Pure instinct guided each step of this dreamy creation. Colors spoke deeply to me for they could demonstrate both Conyers’ and Newark’s vitality. Vibrant colors merged together to form each cover and act as symbols of exuberance, relating to the vivacious style with which Conyers spoke in his interview. Generally, the book urges the viewer to experiment with the unattached components in a capricious manner. Freedom, fun, and joy await the audience who interact with this work.

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