Artist: Natalie Guerrero
Title: Scripture, 2015, glass, copper wire, canvas, adhesive 2.5”x6”x 7.25”

“Scripture” reflects the life and journey of Rev. Alvin Conyers, who migrated to Newark from Bainbridge, GA and became pastor of the Bethsaida Baptist Church. Conyers used religion as a personal outlet and a way to reach others, and always spoke highly of his church and the way it “offered a helping hand” whenever needed. I want my work to convey the idea of a glass Bible, but one personal to Conyers. It uses his words to reflect the pride he had in his church and his community. The book’s final page evokes a stained glass window, both to symbolize the church and to represent the light and color that religion brought to Conyers’ life, as the church offered “the kind of work that allowed [it] to stand out brightly in the community.” The “stained glass” page is at the end of the book so that the color is visible through the pages and Conyers’ words, to represent the light and positivity he brought to his community

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