Artist: Ramon Salcedo
Title: Colors, 2015, glass, copper wire, 1.5”x 6”x 12”

I use color as a vehicle for emotion. As a graphic designer I see it as a method of communication. Color grabs attention and one’s inner feelings. My book uses different shapes and colors to translate Zaundria Mapson May’s story. May lived in Newark and her story relates to the community within her church. Religion and the congregation played an important role in her life. The glass book tells the story of finding a location for the church, and its building. Starting with the blizzard I used varying shapes and colors to create scenes of her narrative. Glass is a new medium for me. The project limited us to making a book that would fit into a shoebox. Initially apprehensive, after the first fusings I saw something remarkable and fell in love with the process. It made sense: both the medium and the stories need caring for.

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