Books made of glass break. They inherently require a risk of failure. Yet embracing failure from the outset makes sense when attempting to materialize the unseen, forgotten, and deeply emotional life changing experiences of others.

The GlassBook Project is a creation of artist Nick Kline, done in collaboration with his students at Rutgers-University Newark, along with other artists, writers, educators and community organizations.

ARTIST-IN-RESIDENCE with the GlassBook project include:
Adrienne Wheeler, Jane Benson, Keary Rosen, Sarah Stengle

Self Injury (SI)
After Domestic Violence: Changed Relationships
120 MPH: Thrill Seeking After Combat
Return: “home” after 9/11
Finding Peace

Violated: Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Victim Rights
Breathless: Mothers of Children with Special Needs
Beneath the Surface: the Impact of Social Judgment on the Transgender Community

U.S. Congressional recognition
Grant U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Grant The Office on Women’s Health in the U.S. DHHS
One of the top five national mental health innovations in 2009, Mental Health Weekly
Ambassador Award for Education, NJ Governor’s Council on Mental Health Stigma
The Bell Leadership Award, Mental Health Association in NJ
Showcase exhibition and presentation, SAMHSA Voice Awards, Paramount Theater, Hollywood

Museum of Art of Puerto Rico, San Juan Puerto Rico
Grounds for Sculpture, Hamilton, NJ
John B. Davis Gallery, Idaho State University, Pocatello, ID
Harman Center for the Arts, Shakespeare Theater, Washington, DC
Lisner Center for the Arts, George Washington University, Washington, DC
Museum of American Glass, Wheaton Ar ts Center, Millville, NJ
National Observance and Candlelight Ceremony, Office for Victims of Crime, US Depar tment of Justice
Newark Public Librar y, Newark, NJ
Federal Office SAMHSA, Washington, DC

From 2009, when the project started, to 2012 the GlassBook Project was facilitated with Project Partner Helga Luest, WJ